Hip Hop Icon, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Will Be Unveiling Issue #0 of His Own Comic Book at Comic Con in New York City!!

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels will be autographing the first copies of his amazing prologue issue; DMC #0 which will be exclusively available at New York Comic Con this Saturday, October 12, 2013.  There will be two covers.  A special work of art, created just for New York Comic Con by DC cover artist Ken Lashley, legendary, graffiti style master, Carlos Mare and vintage digital pin up painter, Derek Santiago.  The second cover which is equally spectacular is penciled by Damion Scott, inked by Dexter Vines, colored by Christopher Sotomayor also with graffiti by Carlos Mare

The graphic novel is an independent comic book published byDMC, Darryl Makes Comics with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels as publisher, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is Editor In Chief and Riggs Morales is the Senior Editor.  The book takes place in the 80’s and features DMC as a superhero, fighting in an alternate universe battling injustice on the hardcore streets of New York.   

Copies of the book will only be available Saturday afternoon (starting at 2:00 PM) where you can also get copies signed byDMC!  Sunday from 2:30 PM-3:30 PM at Comic Con there will be a panel discussing hip-hop and comic book culture featuring DMC, Carlos Mare, Ron Wimberly and more guests to be announced! 

For more information please visit the website www.dmc-comics.com  and follow @DMCMakesComics on Twitter!  ImageImageImage

Mixtape Pioneer, DJ Butter talks to Ma Dukes (J Dilla’s Mom) about her favorite track Produced By, J Dilla

Mixtape Pioneer, DJ Butter talks to Ma Dukes (J Dilla’s Mom) about her favorite track Produced By, J Dilla

Butter chats with Ma Dukes on his internet mix show about her favorite J Dilla track and much more.
Follow DJ Butter at @iamdjbutter and Ma Dukes @Officialmadukes. Visit: http://www.iamdjbutter.com


In this animated ode to hydroponics culture, the legendary producer and DJ takes us on an animated jungle journey where ganja greets us around every twist and turn. Rahzel doesn’t lay down any crazy beatboxing sound effects on this track, but the does spit a simple mantra, to “breathe slow”, in this chilled-out reggae riddim. The clip is courtesy of Monsta, who also laid down the cartoonish visuals for his racy video “Headfirst” with Danny Brown.

For additional information on DJ Muggs go to:

http://djmuggs.com/ & http://ultramusic.com/


Legendary hip-hop producer Just Blaze and rising-star DJ/Producer Baauer will release their collaboration “Higher” featuring Jay Z on August 13th, the first release from newly re-launched Priority Records.  The track has been building underground buzz since being posted on Just Blaze’s Soundcloud six months ago and has since garnered over 1.5 million plays.  Now poised for break-out success, Priority will release “Higher” commercially on August 13th with a Nabil Elderkin (Kanye West, Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean) directed video premiering on Vice’s new dance site THUMP the same day.   A trailer for the video debuted today on www.higher813.com.

The collaboration between Grammy Award-winning DJ/Producer Just Blaze and Brooklyn DJ/Producer Baauer was sparked earlier this year when the two were on a co-headline tour.  Just Blaze (Justin Smith) is best known for his production work for hip-hop legends Jay Z, Eminem and Kanye West.  24-year-old Baauer (Harry Rodrigues) made his debut in May 2012 on Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint Jeffree’s with the dance-floor anthem “Harlem Shake” which gained Pitchfork “Best New Track” accolades when it was released.  In February 2013, the song went on to create an even bigger cultural impact, becoming the catalyst for a YouTube and internet phenomenon that catapulted “Harlem Shake” into the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks after the chart was re-vamped to include online streaming numbers.  “Harlem Shake” is now one of the best-selling singles of 2013 and was awarded two Billboard Music Awards in the newly created EDM categories for Best Dance Song and Best EDM Song.  Baauer has also released the 3-track ‘Dum Dum’ EP on LuckyMe Records and outside of his own recordings and touring has found time to remix for the likes of No Doubt, The Prodigy, Disclosure and AlunaGeorge.


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The story behind the picture of the inside cover the first House of Pain album

As a Hip Hop fan and more specifically a House of Pain fan. I was always curious about the their first album cover picture and inside picture of the group in the bar with Everlast holding a pint of beer in the air. For years I always thought  this picture was a shot of the “Jump Around” that they didn’t use. Because for those that have seen the video. Know that a lot of scenes were shot in a bar.   Thanks to Danny Boy he let me post on the blog the  back story behind the famous picture and the establishment where it was taken at.


William Hernandez

*picture and story courtesy of Danny Boy O’ Connor

“Tom Bergin’s Tavern Since 1936
Closing this Sunday after new owners took it over less then a year ago. Normally I’d be upset but I’m actually I’m not, I’m glad! Happy even! You see over 20 years ago three unknown kids and their group House of Pain decided to shoot the back of their new album cover at this old Irish bar back in 1992. That pub was Tom Bergin’s and that album Fine Malt Lyrics sold over a million copies and was grammy nominated, the rest is history. The pub struggled for years but it was always a point of interest and a regular haunt for the Irish in Los Angeles. In my opinion It’s one of the last authentic Irish pubs in the city, so it was a shame to see it run down but last year new owners took over and remodeled the whole place it. I went back in after almost 20 years one day to meet and friend and see what they’d done to the place, to my amazement it looked great. While I was there I also got to meet the new management, I told them who I was and that we had shot the album photos there and I thought it would be great if we could get a “House Of Pain” shamrock on the wall to commemorate the history we had there. Long story, short he/they did nothing but give me the run around. I went back a few times and each time they acted like I was bothering them by bringing it up. A few of my good friends are also friends with some of the managers in there so when my name came up they said “Yeah, yeah, we know Danny Boy want’s a Shamrock” I thought to myself, forget it and I let it go even though it upset me I just kept it moving, I even went back for my man’s birthday dinner even though I swore I’d never return. These people had us wait for a table even though we had a reservation at 8pm it was 10pm before we got our table, all the while they kept sending over people to make accuses for the wait. Looking back its sad because they seemed lost as owners/management and appeared “Half in the bag” the last time I was there and completely out of touch with reality in a (Amy’s Baking Company) sort of way, fail on all levels! Well today they announced that this Sunday will be their last Sunday as owners, and to that I say “Cheers MF’ers and Good Riddance!” If you ran that pub like you ran your mouths maybe you’d still be in business. I’m sure the new owners will be more than happy to oblige us and give us that cardboard shamrock that you c*nts were to obtuse to sort out. -Danny Boy O’Connor”


ImageImageImageImageImageImageLast Saturday I attended the Bazaar Noir sponsored by Dos Equis beer; which was held at Grand Central in downtown Miami. The event was different from what I’ve gone to recently. It was bazaar straight of the middle ages. They gave everyone cards and at the tables they’d give exotic delicatessens to try. Such as frog legs to Ostrich meat in wrapped in Plantain after each try they’d punch your card and the last one was picture with a baby Gibbon monkey all four sides of the card were punched. You’d go into a special room. It made me feel as I was watching an x-rated peep show. It was a woman dancing in white top and white panties very sensual to some smooth music. While all this was going The Candy Shop Boys performed some of their original music and did cover songs from Daft Punk “Get Lucky” to The Fugees “Ready or Not”. The group’s drummer Arthur Vint played percussion also and got busy with it. All the while open bar Dos Equis beer and waiters passed around burger sliders and egg rolls.   A little bit before midnight like the Cinderella story. The lights got turned and the party was over. The staff started ushering people out. I stayed for a while more and chatted with one of the bar tenders and he gave me a Dos Equis beer bottle opener.  The event was something as I mentioned earlier very different than what I normally go to and very much enjoyed it.


For more info on The Candy Shop Boys http://www.thecandyshopboys.com/



Dividing his time between New York City and Los Angeles, NOAH relates to both cities, releasing his debut dance chart topper, “New York Is Dead” which spent a staggering 20 weeks on the DJ Times National Dance Charts ultimately charting at number 16 next to his major contemporaries. As well, “New York Is Dead” recently climbed to number 15 on the U.K.’s Music Week Commercial/Pop Charts.